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Hi, I’m Sal Rosen. I help people become great language learners, and build their cultural awareness and ability.

If you’re naturally interested in communication, and you want to learn the most powerful transformational skills available, I can help you.

And if you have already started learning and want to get more fluent and take your acquisition and culture skills to the next level, I can really help you.

On my site, you’ll learn more about my story, about how coaching with me works, and about how to schedule a session to grow your abilities.

You can also subscribe and follow me, and contact us if you have questions:





Which languages do I coach?

Mandarin, Swedish, Spanish, and English are my strongest languages, but I both know and coach more than these. Among them are also Italian and Slovak.

If you want to know more about how language coaching with me works, check out the Language Coaching Page.

What if…

What if your learning process was customized to you specifically  

what if independent language learning could be sustainable, fun and efficient ?

What if I told you that your goals are totally achievable by encouraging growth and transformation ?

Welcome to find out more!

3 Simple Ways to start learning NOW

We’re language learners just like you. We have walked a bit farther down the road, that’s all. With that experience, we’ll guide you to finding your own optimal learning path!

Discover Your Learning Style!

Discover your own learning style by exploring your own unique personality and situation

Build Strong Habits!

Acquire science-backed habits for optimal memory formation & brain health

Transform into a Successful version of You!

Skills kan be learned, but experience need to be lived. You will do both and become a new you, who will achieve wonders!

Everyday, we accept a new challenge!

Both me and my team members have personal experience of moving countries, entering new cultures, dating internationally, and yes, picking up new languages.

Being an intercultural and multilingual person is more than just learning a new skill, it’s an exciting new lifestyle that is as challenging as it is rewarding. 

We have learned that challenges are the seeds of growth, and that with the right guidance we transition into new realms of possibility.

By accepting great challenges we have seen great transformations happen! We know that once you embrace this growth mindset, personal transformation follows.

These are our stories. We are excited to hear yours!

Currently we are:

Students feedback

After 8 Swedish lessons, I am super grateful that I’ve acquired the ability to learn Swedish on my own efficiently! This is exactly what I need since I am going to study in Sweden soon, then I will have to make use of the resources around me to learn Swedish.

The design of the Lingspark course is very detailed, as well as my language coach – Sal, he was able to pace the course for my best learning result, and bring up discussion and advice when I hit a wall.

I gained a lot of insights from Sal’s own Chinese learning experiences, as well as insights about Swedish culture and how it connects to the Swedish language. We also tracked our progress each week and saw confident results.

From setting goals, how to gather resources online, and finding the best way to learn. It has been an amazing journey from a complete beginner to a confident Swedish learner now, and I am especially looking forward to applying what I am learning now in my future, and this journey will continue!

Vera Liao
Taiwanese student in Sweden
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