We are Lingspark

We are passionate language learners, and we are passionate about your studies! 

About us...

Lingspark started its journey in 2019, founded by Sal Rosen, a polyglot with 10+ years of facilitation experience, wishing to continue sharing his passion of language learning by creating an even more focused container. 

Alongside him walks a group of linguistic enthusiasts, cultured nomads and marketing advisors, to grow Lingspark into a fruitful tree for language learners to take shade and nurture. 

Our Approach

Mindset. Study. Psychology. Review & tracking. 

From getting clear on mindset according to milestones, to the way of study from a deep understanding of linguistics, as well as the embody the psychology of improvement, explore the art of focus and the habit building lifestyle. 

Our mission

We started Lingspark to help learners like us understand language learning better, to help them achieve their goals, make realistic projections and stay consistent. 

Our mission is to create a holistic language learning experience that is sustainable and fun! 

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Meet our Team

Sal Rosen

Head language trainer

Originally from Sweden, with a family spread over 3 continents. Sal has over 10 years of experience teaching Mandarin, Swedish, Spanish and English in Europe (Sweden) and Asia (Taiwan). 

He taught himself several languages, currently learning his 7th: 

(Speaks Swedish, Spanish, English, Mandarin; Understands: Norwegian, Italian; reads Biblical Hebrew)

Sal is excited to assist you in your language learning journey with his perspective as a language learner, language teacher as well as from his linguistic study. 

Jess Hepin

Creative director

A Taiwanese lady who is currently nomading in Bali, Indonesia. 

She has been traveling ever since she discovered the power of languages in connection with culture diversity. 

Jess has a diverse interest in many different things thanks to the traveling lifestyle – you might find her teaching freediving somewhere in the sea, building a website for lingspark, editing Mandarin training materials with Sal, trying to speak Tok Pisin in Papua, or gifting friends her Chinese calligraphy art piece. 

Production team

Video Editors
Content writers
Linguistic advisors

We are beyond grateful for our part time production team from all over the world, for our partnership, friendship and inspirations! 

We couldn’t make it without you!

Currently we are:

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