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What's the cost?




$ 11 000 NT
(Or 20 000 for full course)


$ 11 000 NT
(Or 20 000 for full course)


$ 850 NT / H

First there is a free presentation.

If you decide to take the course you have two choices.

  • Sign up for 8 classes for 11 000 nt, and then 11 000 for the next 8 classes.
  • Or sign up for the whole course of 16 classes for 20 000 not.
    (This will save you 2000 nt)

There are in total 16 classes covering different topics.

  • Presentation, (30 min) —free
  • 8 First Curriculum Classes, (1h 15 min/each) —11 000 nt
  • 8 Final Curriculum Classes, (1h 15 min/each) —11 000 nt
  • Or the Full Course (16 classes) —20 000 nt
  • = 850 nt/ hour

This pricing means 950 nt / hour for the lectures alone. When you add the personal feedback time and the follow-ups it goes down to 800-900 nt / hour.
This hourly rate is what you would normally pay a good tutor for coffee shop sessions. With us you get a whole exclusive course taught by professional polyglots in a quiet and comfortable location.  

How do I pay?

Payment is done to our Paypal account on This Page.


Where can I take this course?

This is an online course that we hold on Skype.


When are the classes held?

All Classes are held on Saturdays, and each class is ca 1h 15 min long.

This includes Workshop time of around 10 min per class, and a small 5 minut pause.

How much do I have to study?

There is a 1h 15 min class every weekend for a total of 16 weeks.

During the weekdays, between classes, the students are expected to study at least 1 hour a day, 5 days a week.
They can choose to study alone or team up with their classmates.

This means that there is a minimum of 6.5 study hours a week, although we recommend around 9 study hours a week.
(these self-study sessions include topics such as listening, pronunciation drills, reading exercises, and vocabulary building, but also study technique, daily discipline, and scheduling)

What is the curriculum?

Each class (including the Intro Class) covers a specific subject.
The subjects are designed to cover all aspects of language acquisition. And they are taught in the best learning order. The subjects are:

  • Speech Sounds
  • Reading & Writing
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

Learn more about these subjects on our page Curriculum.

What are the different classes?

The Presentation is free and we arrange it for a group of people who are interested in knowing more about how our course works.

Some concepts may be new to you, but don’t worry. We will explain everything as we go along.

The page Our Teaching Method gives you a brief overview of what we cover in full in the first couple of classes.

First 8 Curriculum classes
When you decide that you are interested in learning with us, you can choose to start by taking the first 8 classes. These classes will cover the basics, and get you going.  There is 1 class per week for 8 weeks

 Final 8 Curriculum Classes
After the first 8 classes, you proceed to the final 8 classes. These classes will teach you the rest of what you need to know to reach your language goal, covering even more areas of Language Acquisition.

The page Curriculum lists the subjects that these classes cover.

What is a Workshop?

A Workshop is an interactive part of each class. During the workshops, the students play an active role in their own learning process. For example:

  • Actively participating in setting their own goals by writing them down on paper and then refining it in a group discussion.
  • Speaking exercises.
  • Practicing how to set up a successful tutoring session.

All with help and supervision from the teacher.

Are there any tests?

If the student has a particular test in mind (e.g. TOEIC or similar) we will make a plan to reach that goal, but this education is not affiliated with any specific test.

There are milestone “tests”
We help each student set their own deadlines, mini-goals, and goals.
Each of these goals serves as a milestone that clearly shows the progress the student has done.

These milestones can be:

  • Being able to speak for 5 min in the Target Language.
  • Being able to discuss a specific topic in the Target Language.


  • Being able to read beginner material with ease.
  • Being able to read more advanced specific content. (Such as newspapers, history books, or science articles.)


  • Being able to listen to radio or TV news and understand.
  • Understanding video and TV while reading subtitles.
    Being able to watch dramas or science documentaries and understand.

How does the student stay motivated without tests?

We help each student find a combination of external and internal motivations.
These are strong personal reasons to why you will acquire your Target Language.

We help the students set their milestones in such a way that they will feel a social pressure to keep their deadlines
For example by publicly announce their intentions on social media, or sharing a weekly update online,
or by using games and challenges.

Accountability is achieved by setting milestones that involve other people in a way that makes it very difficult to back out.
Signing up for speeches or classes in the Target Languages are great ways to do this.

Apart from checking certain limited skills, tests are basically a reward-and-punishment system.

We don’t have traditional tests, but we believe strongly in carrots and motivation!
We help the students set up rewards for when they reach their mini-goals and goals.

Routine & Schedule
Motivation is also about routine. I don’t feel motivated to brush my teeth every day, keep my house clean, or exercise weekly.
I do all of this because I have the routine of doing it.

The trick is to get started, then it gets easier with every step.

Read more about this on our page Our Teaching Method.

What language is the course held in?

The course is held in English.

Will the teacher be available during the weeks?

Yes, the teacher will be available to contact on Line during the weeks.

Here the teacher can communicate with the student and give personal feedback.

Line logo

Will there be any follow‑up?

Yes, there are follow-ups every other week for 2 months after the course ends. The teacher will contact the students to help them stay on course.

How individual is this education?

We keep the classes small (around 10 students).

This allows the students to benefit from a class surrounding them, so they can motivate each other, and share difficulties and solutions, while at the same time keeping the class small enough for the teacher to discuss personal goals, and give individual support and motivation.

Which languages do you teach?

At the moment we offer:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian

At the moment we offer:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • German
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian

What language level do I need?

This course is best suited for beginners, or students with some prior skills in their language.

If you need an advanced course, for example business Spanish, we suggest that you find such a specific class.

Are there any prerequisites?

  • You need to be personally motivated!
  • You need to want this for yourself, not to make your parents happy.

If you attend and work hard we will help you achieve your Personal Language Goals!


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