Let's build your language learning muscle

I will take you by hand and show you how to use the tool. Let’s build your language learning muscle.

Progress is solid, path is clear in sight, achieving goal is no longer just a wish. 





Why learning with Lingspark?

The right mindset

Strategy for overcoming limiting beliefs 

Good Habits

habits for optimal memory formation & brain health

Deep knowledge

deep language knowledge from a polyglot linguist with over 10 years of experience


A reawakened sense that your new language is fun and exciting

Students feedback

Joining Lingspark program brings me a revolutionary change not only in my Chinese learning journey,
It also give me a new perspective on my self-learning practices.
I am beyond thankful for Sal’s practical, fun and compassionate way of holding each session.

John Doe

Simple 3 way
to start learning.

Getting on board with us is straightforward, easy, and simple, Lingspark coaching program is fully customized, so that our time together is relaxed and focused for you. 


Discover your own learning style by a few practices


Together we will build your own language learning blueprint 


The aim for working with us is to become an independent language learner yourself! 

At Lingspark coaching program,
we guide participants how to learn a new language on their own.
Our teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary

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