Hi fellow language learner

Why are you here?

You’re here because you want to learn a new language and all that comes with it.
But most importantly you’re here because you want results.

You’re here because you want to learn a new language and all that comes with it.
But most importantly you’re here because you want results.

Great! Then we have something in common.
Let’s find out if we’re a good match. Come along!

Why Coach and not Teacher?

So, why am I a language coach and not a language teacher? Most people who help others learn languages are teachers, right? Ok, so here’s the deal. On the theory side of things:

  • A Teacher is someone who keeps and transmits knowledge. That’s close enough, after all, you already know what a teacher is.
  • A Coach is someone who encourages you to move forward and who creates space for you to grow.

For example:

  • A teacher may explain how to introduce yourself in your new language, and the coach will help you get over your performance anxiety and fear of making mistakes in front of other people. Both are very valuable!

Even more importantly! From the point of view of the student, there’s only one thing that matters:

  • Results

So, how can I help you?

I have a done and been all of these things:

  • Language Teacher                             (I’ve taught Spanish in a high school)
  • Self-taught Language Learner        (I taught myself Mandarin in 2 years)
  • Linguist                                               (I wrote my thesis in English linguistics)
  • Language Coach                                (I’ve coached learners of Swedish and Mandarin)

I bring all of this experience to the table when I work with a client. My experience within all of these fields allows me to use the approach that’s most helpful in any given situation.

Language Coaching is the framework, meaning that I see my clients as having it in them to be empowered and capable to achieve their own goal. I’m just there to remind you of that, help you set bulletproof goals, and guide you forward to take action.

Within that framework I can:

  • use teaching moments and share knowledge when that is appropriate,
  • and draw upon my background in linguistics to untangle whatever super-specific language question may arise.
  • And I can use my experience as a self-guided learner to help my client find effective learning methods and tools that are never taught in school.

At the end of the day, all that matters are:

  • Results

And I will use all my experience and all my expertise to help my clients get those results.

For me, that’s Language Coaching!

I’m Sal,

I’m here to help you achieve YOUR language goals.

That’s all that matters.

What's in it for YOU?

The right mindset

Learn proven strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs

Good Habits

Acquire science-backed habits for optimal memory formation & brain health

Deep knowledge

Get deep language knowledge from a polyglot linguist with over 10 years of experience


Form a reawakened sense that your new language is fun and exciting

Students feedback

I took Sal’s course about language-learning prior to relearning my mother tongue, Mandarin. It changed the way I learn languages, and left me inspired and confident about my speaking and reading goals.What sets Sal apart from other language teachers is that he recognizes language as an extension of a one’s personality, not just a skill. Among the many approaches he taught me was how to create my own personalized study guide and vocabulary lists that prioritized my long-term aspirations, daily habits, and verbal tendencies.The traditional ways of learning a new language can be overwhelming, often involving rote memory and “most common words” lists that don’t stick. Sal’s language-learning process challenges these methods, and instead utilizes self-reflection for a holistic learning experience. For the first time in my life, it actually felt natural to absorb and recall new words and phrases!He also included many digital resources and tools that continue to support me as I continue to build my Mandarin skills daily.If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, I would highly recommend a course with Sal as part of your language-learning journey. My vast improvements in Mandarin would not have been possible without his intuition.
Mandarin student from Canada

3 Simple Ways to start learning NOW

We’re language learners just like you. We have walked a bit farther down the road, that’s all. With that experience, we’ll guide you to finding your own optimal learning path!

Discover Your Learning Style!

Discover your own learning style by exploring your own unique personality and situation

Build Strong Habits!

Acquire science-backed habits for optimal memory formation & brain health

Transform into a Successful version of You!

Skills kan be learned, but experience need to be lived. You will do both and become a new you, who will achieve wonders!

At Lingspark coaching program,
we guide participants how to learn a new language on their own.
Our teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary

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