My Story

How I Learned To Build My Coaching Business


My whole life I’ve been shuffled between different countries, languages and cultures. From Colombia, to the USA, to Sweden. I never felt like I fit in anywhere.

I was always looking for that missing pice from a place I’d left behind, and the language and ways of the place I actually was in? I wan’t always very good at those either. I looked out of place in Scandinavia, my Spanish was sub-par in Latin America, and my knowledge of the culture in the USA? Terrible!

During my teens and early 20s I waged a long uphill battle to build up my own self of Me, to transform into someone inhabiting a multitude of languages and cultures, traditions and ways of life. And after years of trial and error, I succeeded!

I realized that my situation was shared by many other people around the world, and that I could make a real difference in their lives. While I had to spend years and years finding my path through the wilderness alone, they wouldn’t have to.

Language and culture became my life’s passion and I’ve kept both exploring the world and teaching languages ever since.

If you’d like to learn how to become your own new you, to become a great language learner, deeply enter into your new culture, and feel at home in yourself wherever you are, join me in a personal language and culture coaching. From anywhere in the world.

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