We are Lingspark

We are passionate language learners, and we are passionate about creating results! 

Here's the deal

Lingspark is the new kind on the block, but with an old soul. 

Hi, I’m Sal—a polyglot with 10+ years of language experience. In 2019 I wanted to create something more ambitious to share my passion for language learning and to better serve my clients.
The guiding stars were:



Since then I’ve been joined by a group of language and culture enthusiasts, global nomads and design buffs. Together, we walk alongside our clients on their personal journeys, to help them discover what step to take next. 

And the next step after that.
All the way to your destination!

Our Approach

Mindset. Study. Psychology. Review & tracking. 

Before we can achieve anything in this life, we need to believe that it’s possible! That’s where Mindset comes in.

And once we believe, we realize that studying is a skill set in itself. And most of us have never been taught how it works! Never worry, we have your back.

Our mission

We started Lingspark to help learners like us, and like you, understand how language learning actually works. 

Our mission is to empower you to achieve your own goals by making realistic projections and staying consistent! 

We strive to create a holistic language learning experience that is sustainable and fun! 

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This is where the Magic happens

Sal Rosen

Multinational human
Founder & Head Language Wizard

I help my clients boost their foreign language ability.

The background of those results comes from over a decade and a half of language teaching and language learning, during which I’ve lived in 6 countries on 4 continents, plus a flair of creativity from my passion for visual arts.

I have done and been all of these things:

👉🏽 Language Teacher — (I’ve taught Spanish in a high school)
👉🏽 Self-taught Language Learner — (I taught myself Mandarin in 2 years)
👉🏽 Linguist — (I wrote my thesis in English linguistics)
👉🏽 Language Coach — (I’ve coached learners of Swedish and Mandarin)

I bring all of this experience to the table when I work with a client. My experience within all of these fields allows me to use the approach that’s most helpful in any given situation.

At the end of the day, all that matters are: 👉🏽 RESULTS

Jess Hepin

Creative Director &
Social Media Guru

I know from personal experience that journeys are interesting living things. Just like life, they cannot be contained. But whatever happens, we can keep our eyes on our ultimate goal, and we will find a way forward!

Back in the summer of 2020, my flight back home was canceled. Several times! I was stuck on my vacation with no way home! Imagine!

However, by keeping my eyes on the bigger goal of helping out, no matter the location, I doubled down on the online path. And I’ve never looked back.

So, 2 years ago I got stuck on Bali, and ever since I’ve been discovering the power of languages in connection with cultural diversity

I have many diverse interests thanks to my traveling lifestyle. 

Sometimes I teach freediving somewhere in the sea, and I also built and manage the website for lingspark. I edit Mandarin training materials with Sal, try to speak Tok Pisin in Papua, and occasionally gift my friends my Chinese calligraphy art.

Jess Kuan-Ying Lee

Intercultural Life- & Relationship Coach

Let me tell you my story. I used to work in a chocolate shop in the heart of Paris, many of my customers were tourists who have limited time in Paris. However, I noticed many of them kept returning—not to buy more chocolate—but to talk with me!  

One common thing they said to me is that they find it so easy to open up to me, and after our conversations they were able to find this sense of relief. That’s when I realized I’m born to be a coach.

Since then I’ve been honing my skills and I’m now dedicating my life to helping my clients through life transitions and transformations.

My multicultural background: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Los Angeles, France, and now Sweden, gives me a unique insight into the challenges and circumstances involved in intercultural relationships.

I work alongside Sal, who has his own similar experiences, to help international couples understand their new culture, and transform into a new version of themselves that incorporates the new while preserving the old.

Production team

Video Editors, Content writers, & Linguistic advisors

We are beyond grateful for our part-time production team from all over the world, for your partnership, friendship and inspiration! 

We couldn’t make it without you!

Currently we are:

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